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Community Mediation

Mediation Dorset provides a Community Mediation service to private individuals to help resolve disputes between people.

Common problems include:

        Noise  –  Parking  –  Pets  –  Anti-social behaviour  –  Rubbish  –  Trees  – Boundaries  –  Children’s behaviour

Mediation is increasingly accepted as an effective way of dealing with disputes across many areas of society.

Mediation is not discovering who is right and who is wrong; finding out what ought or ought not to have been done. It is a coming together of both parties to find a common solution that works for all.

As a result of receiving a grant, Mediation Dorset are able to offer a price reduction of 90% for mediation in disputes between neighbours – i.e. a price of £45 per mediation. With limited funds available this offer is on a “first come, first served” basis.

If you are in receipt of means tested benefits we would be happy to waive all of the costs. Additionally, a number of Housing Associations and Councils have provided funding for mediation so there is no cost to tenants (please ask).

If you are in a dispute with your neighbour, go to the contact us page.